Searching The Database

Below, are listed some useful techniques to use when searching the database.

Quick Search

Using the Search box in the upper right hand corner, enter the surname of the person you are looking for then press the magnifying glass icon. This will search:

  • Burial Records – It will search the name fields for any occurrences containing the input string
  • Gallery and Inscriptions – It will search the inscriptions fields and keywords

Detailed Search

Enter the required information into the fields in the left hand search panel window and press the ‘Search Button. Please note:

  • Year Fields – Two boxes are provided to allow searching between the two values, or just enter the year in the first box if it is known.
  • Grave Section and Grave Number – Performs an exact match.
  • Dropdown Boxes – Allow you to select an option
  • Use the clear button to reset the search page.
  • If any information has been entered in the Quick search box it will use also be used in the search.

Advanced Search

The Advanced search box can be accessed by clicking on the drop down arrow, next to the small cog in the upper right hand corner of the window. Select ‘Advanced Search’ to bring up the full search form.

Every field is fully searchable and includes a drop down list to allow advanced methods such as ‘Contains’, ‘Equals’, ‘Starts with’, ‘More than’, ‘Less than’, ‘Between’, ‘Empty’ and ‘Is not empty’.

Once all the search parameters have been entered, click the search button

2 thoughts on “Searching The Database

  1. I am trying to find the remains of my stillborn sister.
    I have the original Certificate which I can scan to you if needs be (not sure how to do it on this form though)
    She was stillborn on 16th May 1946 surname ‘Cragg’
    But it does not identify the hospital for me to ask about her remains.
    I wondered if you could help me please?

  2. Adrian: Was the birth in Leeds area?
    How I checked for the record, once you have logged in you come to a page with various options for burials like municipal/nonconformist/parish. I opted for municipal (council) enter search name (cragg) into the search box at the top of the page then click onto the spy glass. (If unsuccesful continue as below.)
    Repeat the above for both nonconformist then parish.
    Sorry to say that the search didn’t come up with any records for the given date (1946) which was also a still birth.
    Maybe the particular record has still to be transcribed, good look for the future.

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