Database Coverage

Information relating to coverage of Churchyards, Cemeteries, Graveyards and Burial Grounds can be found under the Progress and Coverage Section of the Database. Indicated by the two red buttons below.


The Cemeteries button lists all the Cemeteries we have information on so far.

The table of cemeteries can be sorted by clicking on the column title. The ticks in the following columns indicate what records have been transcribed / photographed.

  • Gallery – Photographs of Monumental Inscriptions, Churches etc. Records that appear in the ‘GALLERY AND MAPS -> ‘Gallery’ Section
  • MI’s – Monumental Inscriptions. Records that appear in the BURIALS AND INSCRIPTIONS -> Inscriptions and Inscriptions Index sections.
  • Municipal – Burial and Cremation Records that appear in the BURIALS AND INSCRIPTIONS -> Burial Municipal Section.
  • Parish – Parish Burial Records that appear in the BURIALS AND INSCRIPTIONS -> Parish Burials Section.
  • Noncon – Nonconformist Burial Records that appear in the BURIALS AND INSCRIPTIONS -> Nonconformist Burials Section.
  • YAS– Monumental Inscriptions. Records that appear in the YAS PROJECT -> Inscriptions and Inscriptions Index sections.

Searching can be performed by entering the information in the left hand panel search box.

Records Transcribed

Filters in the left hand search panel allow searching for an area, or cemeteries within a chosen area. Remember to press the search button.

Results of the searched text will appear in red. The records indicate which registers/books have been transcribed.

6 thoughts on “Database Coverage

  1. Hi – I have registered for the site, read the help guides on searching but can’t find the transcribed search boxes mentioned above so can’t perform any searches. Unsure what I am doing wrong. I have clicked on Enter Database but am then faced with a list of options but not the search facilities as illustrated above. Please advise. I am trying to find a Philip Donne, also known as Dunn, who died on 27th June 1929 in Leeds aged 57. I heard recently that he may have been buried on the periphery of a large graveyard in Leeds without gravestone or monument.
    Thanks – Alan

    1. Hi Ray,
      If you are still having problems please let me know. If you tell me who you are searching for I will try and help.

      Mike Hansell

  2. Ray: Whilst you are waiting for feedback from Mike, I have had a look at the full burial records listed in the database and am sorry to say that I couldn’t find your Philip Donne (Dunn) but found all the recorded entries.
    What follows is the way I used the info provided by yourself and determined that the entry Philip Donne (Dunn) not listed.
    Right to enable you to use the info (If burial location known) use the menu down the left hand side and enter type of burial ie church, municipal (council) or nonconformist.
    Once chosen look down the menu for the actual location (area of burial) then list of locations relevant to your search.
    Finally at the bottom I enter surname (short way of doing it) then enter search.
    A full list of found surnamed persons would then be listed in the box to your right starting with the earliest entry.
    In your case where no location is available the tactics are slightly different.
    Under the main menu listed Burials Municipal/Burials Nonconformist/Parish Burials, select one type of burial in turn.
    So selecting Burials Municipal (as an example) a large box opens, at the top of this box is a small rectangular box with an eyeglass symbol to the side. enter the surname into the small rectangular box then depress the eyeglass symbol.
    All entries with your selected surname are then visible together with the total No of entries found, repeat the search for the other burial types ie Burials Nonconformist and Parish Burials.
    Happy hunting for the future.
    Regards Brian

  3. Thanks Brian, I too was unable to find Philip Donne (Dunn), I was hoping Ray would make contact again to check if he had further information and talk him through the search procedure. You seem to have covered it really well.
    All the best

  4. DUNN Philip 57 Leeds North 9b 539
    So this is the gentleman that needs to be located then?

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