Site Updates 11 Oct 2020

We have been busy beavering away on the new website. We have fixed some issues

  • Municipal Cemeteries – Advanced Search – now brings back all the search results.
  • Link provided on Database Tables to allow posting transcription errors
  • Birth Year added to the Burial Record Tables
  • Reduced maximum number of entries per page to 100 to avoid crashing site if All are selected.

To those experiencing issues with the website between 19:45 hours and 20:20 hours tonight, it was me updating the website.

Happy Hunting

One thought on “Site Updates 11 Oct 2020

  1. Since the new website I haven’t been able to access. I reregistered and then the website went down again, now it won’t accept my email address stating that email is already in use but won’t let me access with that email address 🤷🏻‍♀️
    There no way of getting an answer or help so posting here.
    Hope I can get help before the next lockdown as last year was wasted.

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