Otley Cemetery

The eleven registers of burials for Otley Municipal Cemetery (Otley Lindley and Newall with Clifton Burial Ground) have now been transcribed and are online, consists of the following registers:

  • Register 1 (1862-1870)
  • Register 2 (1870-1877)
  • Register 3 (1877-1883)
  • Register 4 (1883-1889)
  • Register 5 (1889-1895)
  • Register 6 (1895-1900)
  • Register 7 (1900-1916)
  • Register 8 (1916-1923)
  • Register 9 (1923-1940)
  • Register 10 (1940-1961)
  • Register 11 (1961-1991)

A total of 17,411 entries between 1st April 1862 and 17th January 1992.

22 thoughts on “Otley Cemetery

  1. Good morning, I am trying to find the location of my Father’s grave in Otley cemetery. I have a plot number (412 in S section) but I am not sure of where abouts this will be as he died before I was born. Please can you help me. Is there any maps I can look look at online.

    1. I’m trying to locate my great uncle’s grave in section S of Otley cemetery but, of course, I’ve no idea where that might be – can anyone help, please?
      Geoff Stead

        1. Good morning Mike
          I am looking for a relative who was buried in 1896 in Otley cemetery. I have a plot number of E,251.
          I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find this when I visit the cemetery?
          Many thanks in advance

          1. Hi Lorraine,
            Enter the Cemetery through the main gate off the Otley to Pool Road, walk up the main drive until you are the facing the chapel, the section to your right is Section E.


    2. Hi Morris,
      Section S can be located by going through the main entrance on the Otley to Pool Road, take the first path to the right off the Main Drive, the first section of graves is Section I, the second small section and the third larger sections are Section S, it is directly opposite the WC and the Old Mortuary Building.

  2. We dont have any complete maps of Otley Cemetery, however this is a municipal cemetery so they may have a map at the Bereavement Services, Farnley Hall, Leeds. tel- 0113 378 8196, or at least explain the layout of the cemetery.

    Mike Hansell

  3. Hi Mike I have been a member of the old system for many years on Yorkshire Indexers which I loved and could work but as I have lost my password but you still have my username and email address it says I have to go on to the password reset form but where can I find this please. It is very frustrating this new system help please.

  4. Hi Mike please ignore my previous message as have just found my password and was able to log in and find what I wanted for my sister in law.

  5. There is no evidence that I can find of a separate section for Catholic Graves in Otley Cemetery, in fact, the only reference I can find to a Catholic Grave is in Section G Row 0 Grave 64 James Joseph Barr is recorded as being Roman Catholic.


  6. hi mike’ are there any photos of Otley Cemetery. as i can find little information on it.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I have looked at the information we have on the cemetery and although it states there is no C Section, we have 700+ graves with a C section reference. I think the only place that will have a definitive answer is the Bereavement Services, Farnley Hall, Leeds. tel- 0113 378 8196, or at least they may be able to explain the layout of the cemetery. Sorry I cant be of more help. Regards Mike.

  7. I need to find I section in Otley Cemetery, I know the Cemetery well as lived in Otley all my life but can’t find section information anywhere please help???

    1. Hi Natalie,
      We don’t have a plot map, but the A Section is, through the main gate walk up to the left of the Chapel building, take the path on the left and A section is on the righthand side.
      I hope this helps

      Al the best

  8. Dear Ottley Cemetery,

    My name is Seth and I am a student at the Northern Film School, part of Leeds Beckett University. I am producing a short graduation film called “Stomper”. “Stomper” is a slice of life, short family drama. The story follows a young mother called Amy, who struggles to support her young children and new-born baby, whilst dealing with the death of her larger than life grandfather.

    We have a scene that takes place in a crematorium. It is a funeral scene where the family and friends of the recently deceased grandfather, celebrate his life . I was wondering if there was any possibility we could use your crematorium as a filming location? We would only need one day to film, at some point between the 15th and 18th February. Whichever would be your preference.

    We are completely aware of how important and special a place like a crematorium is. We promise to treat it with the utmost respect and care at all times.

    I will attach a copy of the script so you are aware of the content of the film. The scenes which take place in a crematorium are Scene 2 and 3.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I dont have the plot maps for Otley, but Section T is on the Extreme Right of the Cemetery
      nearest the main road and is directly behind the mortuary building

      All the best

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