Plot Maps

The following Plot maps have been added to the Maps section:-
Killingbeck Cemetery, Section P, PN, PCR, M and MA
Hunslet Cemetery, Extension 1, Sections, Uncon/Gen 2, Con 2A, Con 3, Uncon/Gen 4 and Con 4A.,

Hunslet Cemetery OLDSection Uncon/Gen (1-2262), (2263-5122), (5123-7527)

Several more plot maps have been added to the list in recent days, including some from Adel, Beckett StreetLawnswood and Lofthouse.

3 thoughts on “Plot Maps

    1. Hi Steven,
      You could try the Leeds Bereavement Services at Farnley Hall, the contact details can be found on their website.(they might have a full set). I am working on them but the task is enormous and it will take me a long time to complete.


  1. Just to give you some insite of the size of plots.
    I was searching for a distant relative in the Hunslet (old plot?) behind the old chapel.
    I managed to attract the attention of a graveyard worker if the location for grave was nearby, the map produced to verify was the size of your average garage door!
    This was only part of the section I was investigating, could well imagine the complete plot map of graveyard would be the size of your average double bedroom?
    There are companies that digitally scan large maps/images, I had one done a couple of years ago cost £5 for an AO sized image.

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