Plot Maps

The following Plot maps have been added to the Maps section:-
Killingbeck Cemetery, Section P, PN, PCR, M and MA
Hunslet Cemetery, Extension 1, Sections, Uncon/Gen 2, Con 2A, Con 3, Uncon/Gen 4 and Con 4A.,

Hunslet Cemetery OLDSection Uncon/Gen (1-2262), (2263-5122), (5123-7527)

Several more plot maps have been added to the list in recent days, including some from Adel, Beckett StreetLawnswood and Lofthouse.

7 thoughts on “Plot Maps

    1. Hi Steven,
      You could try the Leeds Bereavement Services at Farnley Hall, the contact details can be found on their website.(they might have a full set). I am working on them but the task is enormous and it will take me a long time to complete.


  1. Just to give you some insite of the size of plots.
    I was searching for a distant relative in the Hunslet (old plot?) behind the old chapel.
    I managed to attract the attention of a graveyard worker if the location for grave was nearby, the map produced to verify was the size of your average garage door!
    This was only part of the section I was investigating, could well imagine the complete plot map of graveyard would be the size of your average double bedroom?
    There are companies that digitally scan large maps/images, I had one done a couple of years ago cost £5 for an AO sized image.

  2. Hi, I came across a link to Tho site that suggests there is somewhere here a plot plan of Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford.
    Cheers, Dennis

    1. Hi Dennis,
      There is a couple of Section Maps (not plot maps) of Scholemoor, one for the Cemetery and one for the Garden of Rest. If you enter our website and go to the Database, click on the Gallery icon.
      Down the left side click on Gallery, then scroll down to Area click in there and select (Miscellaneous), then scroll down to Section, this part of the site contains lots of things brought over from the old webite. Scroll down and select Cemeteries/Crematoria/Graveyard (MAPS). Then scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on the Search icon. You will be presented with 5 pages of various maps and plans, to put them in alphabetical order, click on the word Title in the Title column and it will sort them automatically. Once you have located a map you can click on it and it will bring out and it should make it legible. I hope all this makes sense.
      Any problems please drop me another line.


  3. Hi I’m looking for the plot layout for New Wortley Cemetary in Leeds?
    Could you advise where I may find this

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