8 thoughts on “Further Updates to the Database

  1. Have you a plan of Pudsey Municipal Cemetery, Cemetery Road.
    Looking for section H graveNo132, grave occupants named Bell +2others.

    1. Hi Brian,
      I have uploaded a Pudsey plot map to the website, its the only one I have, it’s not brilliant, but H130 is just visible in the bottom right corner

  2. Thanks for the access to the Pudsey Cemetery plot map, just need some new specs now to be clear of the location.
    For what its worth I found a coloured map showing the sections only which I found usefull if only to get a bearing on which part of the cemetery I was looking at. [Feel free to make use of it here: http://www.calverley.info/pcb.htm%5D

  3. Brian,
    Go through the Main Gates and 1st left. Walk up that path and H is on your left. That is the Consecrated Section but there is no Headstone for H130.
    Happy Hunting

  4. Any plans to do Farnley Cemetery (Tong Road),recently found family buried there.[when listed as living in Bramley!]

  5. The issue is with the website using the wrong title for ‘Farnley Cemetery’, whilst the issue remains use the ‘NEW Farnley Cemetery’ as a location!

  6. We are still beavering away on the database the latest additions have included Grave Numbers and Images to Woodhouse (St Marks) also in the YAS project we have added Spofforth (All Saints). Alterations to the Harehills Con Book 1. There have been many other updates and corrections so please keep checking the database.

    All the bset

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