Author : Stephen Miller

Otley Cemetery

The eleven registers of burials for Otley Municipal Cemetery (Otley Lindley and Newall with Clifton Burial Ground) have now been transcribed and are online, consists of the following registers: Register 1 (1862-1870) Register 2 (1870-1877) Register 3 (1877-1883) Register 4 (1883-1889) Register 5 (1889-1895) Register 6 (1895-1900) Register 7 (1900-1916) Register 8 (1916-1923) Register 9[…]

Database Coverage

Information relating to coverage of Churchyards, Cemeteries, Graveyards and Burial Grounds can be found under the Progress and Coverage Section of the Database. Indicated by the two red buttons below. Cemeteries The Cemeteries button lists all the Cemeteries we have information on so far. The table of cemeteries can be sorted by clicking on the[…]

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