Leeds Municipal Cemeteries

For many years, the Yorkshire Indexers have kindly been provided access to the Burial Registers and Grave Books for the Municipal Cemeteries in the Leeds Area.

We would like to thank the Leeds City Council Bereavement Services for granting permission to transcribe these records and their kind assistance over the years.

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22 thoughts on “Leeds Municipal Cemeteries

  1. Hi im trying to find my cousion grandmas grave she is buried in Beeston cemetery
    Doreen Parker
    Beeston cemetery leeds
    theres no grave stone on it
    sue cooper

  2. Please I hope you can help me my Grandma had a stillborn baby boy born Jan 1929 I have looked everywhere that I am able even went to Farnley and Lovely lady promised she would look for me then the pandemic arrived . Baby King born January 1929 at Leeds Maternity Hospital. My Auntie who is nearly 87 would very much like to know where her baby brother is buried as she is the last one in that line.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Pam,
      I have checked our website and looked at the actual register pages for Leeds General Cemetery and Beckett Street Cemetery but I am having no luck, I can’t find anything for a stillborn KING. in the year 1929
      But there is an entry for 1928

      Area Leeds & District
      Cemetery Leeds General Cemetery (Woodhouse)
      Record Reg. 22 1924-1929
      Entry 3129
      Event Type Burial
      Given Name
      Surname KING
      Abode Place Maternity Hospital
      Event Date 27th April 1928
      Death Date 24th April 1928
      Cause Of Death Stillborn
      Trade Infant
      Father Thomas Francis KING
      Mother Laura KING
      Birth Year 1928
      Birth Place Leeds
      Grave Number 10870
      Register 22
      Page 126


  3. Hi, i’m wondering if you could help me,
    I’m looking for my 4th Great Grandfather, Born. 09.03.1810 in Hull.
    died, 15.12.1866 in Leeds – I have no cemetery, death certificate says registration Leeds, sub-district South East Leeds.
    Deaths Dec 1866 (>99%)
    Tosler John 55 Leeds 9b 253

    I have searched everywhere but haven’t come up with anything, I have searched Hull Cemeteries but still no luck.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      I have had a search through our records without any luck, he could have been registered here and buried elsewhere.
      Sorry I can’t be of much more help.


  4. Hi Mike
    I am trying to locate a stillborn grave from 1961. Not sure if the baby was male or female but would of had the surname Lloyd. I can provide more information if you need it. Like mother, father. Hospital of birth etc.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I have done a cursory search of our records and I can only find 1 Stillborn Lloyd and that is in Wakefield in 1970. If you have information that could narrow down the location I can have another look.


  5. Hello. Trying to locate my grandmothers grave.
    Name: Hilda Reynard or Hilda Holleran (maiden name). Died of cancer between 1955- 1960.

  6. Hi,
    My husbands grandma had a stillborn baby born on 31st December 1929. Grandma was Margaret Hainsworth nee Bell, and grandad was Henry Clarence ( known as Harry) Hainsworth. The district was probably North Bierley, as husbands dad was born there exactly one year later. I’m hoping to find where the stillborn infant was buried, but not sure if you cover this area. Any help would be much appreciated.

  7. Hi I’m looking to find my father’s grave his name was Allan Simpson Elliott and he died in February 1998. He is buried in harehills cemetery but his head stone has been removed

    1. Hi Carly,
      Our records only go to 1988, after that the council digitised them. The Leeds Bereavement Centre, Farnley Hall, New Farnley, Leeds will be able to help. They have a website with contact telephone numbers.If he was buried with other family members prior to 1988 I may be able to assist but otherwise you will need to contact the above.

    1. Hi Jayne,
      There is a map of the Cemetery, it’s an old council plot map. It’s in 17 sections. If there is something I could help you with please drop me a line.

  8. Hi Jayne
    There are supposed to be @10,000 souls buried in the New Wortley grave yard.
    Do you have any information on the deceased person you are looking for, name/year even better a grave number.
    Regards Brian

  9. Hi Mike am looking for the burial/cremation for Ethel Shipton born 1920/21 died 09/07/1956 Horsforth Leeds,have tried on line had no luck what so ever thanks Freddie

    1. Hi Freddie,
      There is a death registered (FreeBMD) for Ethel Shipton died 1956 aged 35 years Wharfedale, which would fit.
      Horsforth wasn’t part of Leeds in 1956 I think it came under Otley. Steve has searched through records that we have not published on our site yet and discovered
      the following entry from Lawnswood Crematorium. Shipton, Ethel – Cremation Index Lawnswood July 1956, Cremation Entry 45380 (Note: B of R 3616 BP Oak Drive No 1263)

      All the best

  10. Hi, I am trying to locate exactly where my father was buried in Leeds West Yorkshire UK. His name was Patrick Owusu Acheampong, He was buried on March 9, 2019 in Leeds but I don’t the cemetery let alone the graveyard. Please assist me to find where he was buried and his graveyard. Thank you.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      2019 is a bit recent for our website, you could try the Leeds Bereavement Services at Farnley Hall, they have a website and there are contact numbers for you use.

      All the best

  11. Good afternoon Mike,
    do you have a grave plan for Gildersome Municipal Cemetery. I have a grave plan dated 1903, but the plot numbers do not correspond to the numbers on this site.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Janet,
      We don’t have a plan for Gildersome unfortunately, if there is one it will be held by the
      Leeds Bereavement Services at Farnley Hall, they have a website and there are contact numbers for you to use.
      The grave numbers we have are from the registers.
      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance, but Bereavement people are generally very good.

      All the best
      P.S. If you manage to obtain one from them please send me a copy. 🙂

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