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We have been researching, transcribing, and photographing records relating to burials in the Leeds area for a number of years. Initially, the records were transcribed and published on a CD known as the “Leeds Burial Project”. Due to the volume of data, and work involved, it became necessary to transfer it to an online database.

With approaches for information about people from outside the Leeds area, the database coverage is expanded.

Thank you to our army of unnamed volunteers who have made this possible.

Click the link below to view the fruits of their labour.

Please remember when registering the password must be:

  • a Minimum of 8 characters
  • Must contain 4 or more unique characters
  • Must contain 2 or more Digits and Symbols
  • Must include a mixture of Upper and Lower Case Letters

Existing Yorkshire Indexers members will need to re-register, if they have not already been given access to the new Database

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Last Updated: 9th August 2023

14 thoughts on “Online Records

  1. I tried reregistering and then searching then it didn’t recognise my password so I had to change it then it said my email is already registered and won’t let me sign in with my email and my password 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I’m trying to get help but no reply.

  2. This is a new website, to gain access to the data you will need to register on the site, previous passwords etc willnot work.


    1. Hi Mike

      I have tried to register and am told my email address is already registered. I used the ‘forgot password’ button to reset the password but when trying to log in it tells me i am not recognised.

      Do you have any suggestions please?

  3. Hi
    I have been directed to the website by Alun Pugh who very kindly helped me with research on family members in Beckett Street Cemetery.
    I finally managed to get into the site after some initial faffing during registration but where do you enter the name of the person you are looking for?
    You know the kind of thing
    First name
    Date of birth / death
    Key words.

    It’s probably very obvious but I am a dummy at technical stuff.
    Ex Burmantofts now Mombasa!

  4. When you “sign in” you then have to enter the “Online Database”. The click on the icon for Municipal Cemeteries, Select Leeds and District from the Area drop-down menu and then Burmantofts Cemetery from the Cemetery drop-down and enter the rest on your details from the appropriate selections.


    1. Hi, I am having difficulty navigating this site and so I hope you can help. I followed instructions as per an earlier comment to Robert Thomas, but cannot find any drop down menus, nor can I type in any information/details in order to search for a name, year etc. I am hoping to find Warley Cemetery – can you help with this?

      1. Hi Jax,
        We only have 20 entries for Warley Cemetery, mainly to do with war graves and they are all in the Gallery Section of the website.
        Log into the site, then from the left-hand column select “Gallery and Maps”, from the resulting drop-down menu select “Gallery”, in the “Area” box select Calderdale, then in the “Cemetery” box, select Warley which is the very last entry. YOu will be present with the 20 images that we have, click on any one of them to expand the entry.

        Hope this helps.

        All the best

  5. HI,
    I have tried several times to log in. I have changed my password, but it keeps displaying invalid user. Iv tried my user name and my email address. Nothing works. i would be grateful for any assistance. Thank you.
    kind regards

    1. I have the same problem too, does not recognise my login and set up a new account and no email has come through for me to activate it

      1. Hi Julie,
        Everything appears OK at this end the account is active, your user name is case sensitive (AnnieG) we are not privy to your password. Let me know if you still have problems loggin in.

  6. Hello Mike Sorry to bother you
    You mentioned to someone last year there is a map of New Wortley cemetery in 17 sections. I would like to visit to find some relatives who are buried there. They are the Mirfield family & are buried in plot 2179
    I would really appreciate it if you could send me that section of the cemetery map
    Thank you. Jane

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