The Yorkshire Indexers, formerly Leeds Indexers, have spent decades recording information relating to Records, Inscriptions and Plans.

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  • Newspaper Article: The Management of the Burmantofts Cemetery (8 Feb 1884)
    Leeds Mercury – Friday 08 February 1884 THE MANAGMEMENT OF THE BURMANTOFTS CEMETERY Charges of Neglect against the Sexton. Dr. HOFFMAN, on behalf of the Home Office, held an enquiry at the Burmantofts Cemetery yesterday afternoon with respect to charges of negligence on the part of the Sexton, Wm. BATES.  Mr. PERCY[…]
  • Lawnswood 1910 Extension Map
    We have uploaded the following plot Maps for the following Sections: Section S – Graves 1 – 1222 Section T – Graves 1 – 1125 Section U – Graves 1 – 1126 Section V – Graves 1 – 903 Section W – Graves 1 – 1181 Section X – Graves[…]
  • Otley Cemetery
    The eleven registers of burials for Otley Municipal Cemetery (Otley Lindley and Newall with Clifton Burial Ground) have now been transcribed and are online, consists of the following registers: Register 1 (1862-1870) Register 2 (1870-1877) Register 3 (1877-1883) Register 4 (1883-1889) Register 5 (1889-1895) Register 6 (1895-1900) Register 7 (1900-1916)[…]
  • GEO Locations
    Please remember to search the Gallery. We have commenced adding the longitude and latitude for graves located in the larger cemeteries. If you view an entry in the gallery and a map is displayed you can click and hold the left mouse button on the map to navigate around the[…]
  • Hunslet update
    Following some excellent earlier work on the cemetery by HistoryDb (Guinea Graves) and Paul Marshall (Old Cemetery Sections) we have now taken a look at Cemetery Ext 1 and are trying to make the layout more easily understandable. PamelaR has been working hard on the First two Con Sections and[…]
  • YAS Project Commenced
    On Wednesday 18th May 2016, Mike Alan and myself attended a meeting at the YAS Family History Section. In response to a request discuss a joint venture to digitise and transcribe their collection of Monumental Inscriptions held in their archives. We are pleased to announce a very fruitful outcome for[…]

4 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Trying to find burial / cremation details of ancestor. Your login / registration protocols are sending me from pillar to post and then back again! Cannot get off the roundabout! Will not register me to allow access to online records.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Everything appears to be OK at this end, you are shown as “Registered” and “Active”. Whereabouts in the logging procedure are you finding difficulties?


  2. Hi Mike after using Yorkshire Indexers for years without any problems and finding what I wanted within minutes, this new site has wasted me a lot of time and cannot find out how to get onto Pudsey cemetery Gallery. On the old site if there was a photo it used to just pop up and was so easy to work.
    I asked my friend to join to see if she could get anywhere in case it was just me but she also had problems.
    Why change something when it aint broke? This site is just so frustrating I am sorry to say.

    1. Hi Kath,
      Sorry to hear you are having problems with the website, there were several reasons why we had to change to this new site, security and expense being the two main ones. There are several ways to locate photographs on the site, one is to go directly into the Gallery, in your case select Area – Leeds and District, Cemetery Pudsey, then you can either scroll down and input the Grave Section and Grave number if you have them or if not just scroll to the Keyword box and put in the Surname of the grave occupant, click return (wait a few seconds) and if there is an image it should appear.
      The other way of finding a grave is from the Burials and Inscription menus, here you need to select whether the grave is Municipal or Parish etc, then select Area, Cemetery etc, once you have located the person you are looking for click on the record and at the bottom of the page you are presented with is an icon “Find people in the grave” click on that, if there is an image attached to this entry it should appear at the bottom of that screen.
      Unfortunately, the green hyperlinks to the other people in the grave is not functional yet, we are still working on that.
      I hope this helps, any problems please drop me a line.


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